Lifelike Photos | About
Carl Ferreira has been finding great pictures and creating interesting images using digital images and Photoshop for over a decade.

Raised near Silicon Valley, Carl is an accomplished software engineer who has brought those same analytical skills to bear on digital photography. Combining his artistic side with the analytic nature of engineering has allowed him to pursue a wide range of activities. He plays piano and chess, performs magic, sings in a choir, and teaches classes in engineering. He has also done much of the work on his home himself - replacing all of his doors and windows, and rebuilding his bathrooms and kitchen from the ground up. His photos have appeared in newsletters, websites, and high-school yearbooks, and he has been a team photographer for his daughter’s soccer teams for over eight years. He has worked on several commercial and hobbyist websites, and is primarily responsible for maintaining this site.

He prefers the Bay Area for its diverse vistas and broad range of activities. He currently lives in San Jose with his wife – who is an accomplished therapist, daughter – who is currently studying mechanical engineering, and a Shetland Sheepdog – who is waiting for dinner.